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Twist Vase

TWIST Vase – Exclusive hand stitched leather vase from Marinov

The intuitive collaboration between my engineer mindset and artist´s ambitions created this sculptural, softly twisted cuboid shape – The TWIST VASE !

Inspired by Malmö’s skyscraper Turning Torso, intended for the Scandinavian stylish home, where there is room for innovative design. An incredibly beautiful vase with sculptural shape and a rustic look – decorative both with and without flowers in.



TWIST Vase – Exclusive hand stitched leather vase from Marinov

The Twist Vase, like all my items, are designed and made with love by myself, in my workshop in West Jutland, Denmark. It is made of vegetable natural colored leather with a special surface wood-look effect. Each Twist vase is unique. Not just because it is handmade, but also because leather and wood have their own history with different shape, pattern and shade.

The TWIST vase is available in 3 sizes:
Small and Medium are table vases with a glass insert that can be removed and washed.
The large model is a floor vase, without glass and not waterproof. Can be used f. ex. for dried flowers, stems or pampas grass.

Dimensions: approx.
Twist S: app. 7x7xH20cm.
Twist M: app. 8x8xH28cm.
Twist L: app. 11x11xH52cm.

Standard Colors: Natural Brown, Reddish Brown or Black

Other leather colors are available

I do not hold a huge amount of stock, so please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping.


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