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Summer Light LED bulb


Flexible and high-quality light solution for human well-being!



The intention for designing this bulb was providing best light source for Locus. With its 30W power and 2300 Lm light output this bulb can illuminate a large space for ex. big dining table or even an entire room.

After the production of the first prototypes, it turned out that the bulb could be used independently and it became a separate product, with no need of lamp shade. The standard E27 base allows various installation types as surface mounting (wall or ceiling), suspended or floor standing.

The light is soft and diffused. No hard shadows, no glare, no flickering! It is Energy saving, with high Lm/W ratio.

The high Color Rendering Index CRI (Ra>90) makes the light suitable for special purposes as lighting exhibition halls, galleries, museums, art ateliers etc. Its comfortable light fits perfectly to homes, hotels, offices, bars and restaurants.

Tunable White with constant color temperature during dimming. The range is from 2300K (warm sunrise or sunset feeling) to 6500K (cool daylight).

You can control the comfort of your room, easily adjusting the color temperature and brightness, by a simple RF remote controller.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 22 × 25 cm


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