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I am happy to welcome you as Marinov customers. I hope you will enjoy using my products as much as I enjoyed making them
Lars Kastrup

Cool, Nikolay ?? really nice and beautiful lamps!

Daniel Schmidt

Congrats to your stylish lamp business and thank you for the quick delivery. Your lamp is very beautiful! How can you do this? Do you really hand stitch the leather? It looks like a load of work! Now, before hanging the lamp, we have to buy new flowers, clean the flat and prepare the garden for this Maybe we should also buy a new table and chairs, paint the wall behind or even move for this project? Thank you!

Michael Ancher

Fine style!

Seff Stowell


Gitte Lauritzen

Waoo, they are great!

Johnny Johansen


Shahriar Madjd

I make it short as I believe I can continue my praise to infinity. I have looked at the Marinov lamps on the Facebook page and think that they are the most beautiful lamps I have ever seen. Huge praise for design and craftsmanship!

Eli Proycheva

Oled-Olor - Amazing lamp! Congratulations!

Henrik Sand

We absolutely love the lamps at Ricco's Cafe Sluseholmen, and want a set as soon as we find the right dining table. It is now time - the apartment and table are in place. Now we need the lamps.

Own Designs
Hand Stitches

How many stitches did I make?

kWh electricity per year

Green electricity from our rooftop PV system

  1. Sommer 2014:
    I have designed a series of pendant lamps named Locus, made of metal and core leather.
  2. February 2017:
    With Locus, I won the award BEST DESIGN (prestigious 2nd place) at Formland’s entrepreneurial event CREATORS COMMUNITY.
  3. December 2018:
    I won the OLED Academy’s design competition (Copenhagen) with the lamp “OLED-OLOR”.
  4. Autumn 2020:
    Inspired by Malmö’s skyscraper Turning Torso, I’ve made a leather vase – TWIST
Locus 0
Oled-Olor 0
Twist 0

Our products are handmade. We don’t have machines in the workshop, except of a Dremel (used mostly as a burnisher) and a small battery driven drill. The only electricity we use is for lighting and for heating, when needed. The electricity comes from our rooftop photovoltaic power station which delivers app. 6000 kWh/Year clean energy.

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