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Nikolay and Margarita Marinov – They met in Sofia, Bulgaria, but since the last day of school, Denmark has been their home, both in everyday life, design and craftsmanship.

By the age of 10, Nikolay has learning to shape copper for jewellery and vessels at a historic workshop in his home town of Kazanlak. He continued as an apprentice in the working museum, and although he later trained as an electrical engineer and made a career for himself in the Danish wind turbine industry, the feel for the material is still there in his hands.

Nikolay compliments the cooperation with his in-depth technical knowledge about light sources and fine craftsmanship.

Trained as a multimedia designer at Aaarhus University, DK, Margarita is responsible for the marketing and visual presentation of MARINOV’s products, as well as the graphic design/visualization of new ideas. Margarita’s background as a classical dancer and choreographer contributes to the collaboration with style and sense of aesthetics.

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