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Lucky Stones

Leather covered, cord wrapped or copper wire woven stones, designed and created by Marinov.

Inspired by nature and created using weaving and basketry knot techniques.

The rocks can be used as a paper-weight or doorstop. Perfect for a grounding stone, meditation, gift, and more. I use them as a source of positivity.



I have a special love of smooth, round stones that fit nicely in the palm of my hand. And I love combining two or three materials to create something novel and gorgeous, uniting the organic with the inorganic and creating a new form.

The stones are hand selected from the shores of the Danish island Fur in the Limfjord by us and are beach tumbled. Out of the thousands of rocks on beach, these caught my attention – the Lucky Stones! Then, in my workshop taking into consideration the individual qualities of each stone, its contours, color, and size, I meld them with my own design leather cover, wrapped and woven fibers or copper wire.


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